Introducing AquaKnight. A new hero in the fight against PFAS.

Welcome to the battle against PFAS. We are ready and prepared to win!

For over 20 years, Calgon Carbon has been the sought-after leader in removing PFAS from both drinking water and wastewater.

Like many towns and communities across the United States, Calgon Carbon is prepared to meet the EPA’s upcoming and enforceable Maximum Contaminant Levels (MCLs) and fully equipped to help both public and private water utilities to do the same.

Let’s be clear…we no longer consider it a “forever chemical.” To us, it is “forever no more.”


FILTRASORB® Activated Carbon

​If there was ever a name brand carbon, this is it and for good reason. From creation to application, this made in the U.S.A. powerhouse has demonstrated superior PFAS-removal capabilities and meets the strictest regulations. Effectively treating to non-detect levels means < 1 drop in 20 Olympic size pools. This requires expertly engineered and proven solutions, not just products…this is the Calgon Carbon difference.


AquaKnight™ Equipment Systems

The presence of an AquaKnight system symbolizes a community’s commitment to pristine water quality. Designed with meticulous attention to detail and advanced testing, AquaKnight systems create the ideal environment for the activated carbon to remove contaminants 24/7. Beyond their functional excellence, these systems offer flexibility in customization, ensuring they integrate seamlessly into any town’s infrastructure.



Our commitment to sustainability and efficiency extends beyond the initial filtration process. Once FILTRASORB and AquaKnight have purified a community’s water, the battle against PFAS persists as we undertake the reactivation of spent carbon. This process is not just effective in removing PFAS contamination to more than 99.9999%, but it also lessens the environmental impact by circumventing landfills and eliminating hazardous waste liability. Reactivation epitomizes our innovative approach to granular activated carbon disposal and reuse, honed over 50 years of global experience.



At the heart of Calgon Carbon’s success are our dedicated professionals, whose expertise in activated carbon’s research, development, and manufacturing is unparalleled. These are the specialists who understand the nuances of water contamination, those whom government bodies and academic circles seek for guidance. They are the authority in conducting carbon pilot studies across the United States to ascertain the requirements for effective PFAS removal from your drinking water. With Calgon Carbon, you are choosing the expertise recognized and respected across the sector.