PFAS Media Library

Documents related to PFAS removal, reactivation of carbon and other materials. 

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Calgon Carbon offers the industry’s most extensive range of equipment solutions – including turnkey services for the delivery of fresh carbon along with removal, transportation and reactivation of spent carbon at one of their reactivation facilities—all designed to make the job of meeting your water treatment objectives easier than ever.

Read about Calgon Carbon’s proprietary AquaKnightTM system here.


In a peer-reviewed article recently published in the highly respected Remediation-The Journal of Environmental Cleanup Costs, Technologies, & Techniques, Calgon Carbon detailed our study at a full-scale manufacturing site on the removal of PFAS from spent activated carbon through a process called reactivation. 

This groundbreaking research shows that not only can PFAS be removed from the environment using granular activated carbon, but reactivation can effectively and completely remove those same compounds from the spent carbon and destroy to >99.99%.