We have to live with PFAS

As the unrivaled authority in PFAS treatment and removal, the water treatment experts at Calgon Carbon have the solution for PFAS.

TEST TESTA One-Two Punch to Fight Back Against PFAS

For more than a decade, the PFAS experts at Calgon Carbon have proven that our FILTRASORB® 400 Granular Activated Carbon product removes PFAS compounds to non-detectable levels. 

But what happens with the spent activated carbon laden with these so-called forever chemicals? 

Our PFAS experts sought to answer this question and prove that our PFAS removal technology offers a safe and effective solution to remove these compounds from the spent activated carbon. 

PFAS Removal and Destruction > 99.99%

In a peer-reviewed article recently published in the highly respected Remediation-The Journal of Environmental Cleanup Costs, Technologies, & Techniques, Calgon Carbon detailed our study at a full-scale manufacturing site on the removal of PFAS from spent activated carbon through a process called reactivation. 

This groundbreaking research shows that not only can PFAS be removed from the environment using granular activated carbon, but reactivation can effectively and completely remove those same compounds from the spent carbon and destroy to >99.99%.

This site is intended to educate and inform water treatment specialists, environmental managers and others who are focused on PFAS mitigation and destruction strategies that there now is a way to live without PFAS.

PFAS Removal Experts

Jenalle Brewer, senior vice president at Calgon Carbon, explains our long-standing commitment to treating vital resources of water and air. Watch the video to see how PFAS removal has been on Calgon Carbon’s radar for nearly two decades. 

Third-Party Validated PFAS Removal Study

In the September 2022 issue of Remediation-The Journal of Environmental Cleanup Costs, Technologies, & Techniques, our experts co-authored the article “Thermal destruction of PFAS during full-scale reactivation of PFAS-laden granular activated carbon.” Please fill out the form below to receive a summary on our PFAS removal research and we will put you in touch with a Calgon Carbon Water Treatment and PFAS removal expert.

 The full article can be found here.

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